Easy keto snack recipe/ ideas – yummy!

We are all busy and in this millennium we are all (or most of us anyways – I know I am!) on a fast paced routine which were in a go go go mode most of the time. Eating healthy, regularly and following our diet is not something that is always easy. As we start getting hungry and are tempted to reach for whatever is at arms reach, it’s important to have some easy healthy keto snacks to go for when were on the run and having to get out in a hurry.

Sweet tooth anyone?

Although I’m very conscious of my health and what I feed my body, I still love to have my sweet tooth satisfied once in a while. Although I don’t consume any refined or processed sugars, if you put your creativity into your meal and snack preparations, you will see that so maybe options open up to you. However, know that eating sweets regularly will not resolve your sugar cravings, therefore, keep that in mind. I would suggest not consuming any sweets during the beginning of your keto journey to really clean out your body of all the bad sugars you’ve been consuming and really attempting to control the cravings.

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Now, onto the good stuff. Fat bombs? you know what these are? They are little snacks that you can consume that are loaded of calories which are mainly healthy fat, that provide you energy and that help you meet your daily fat intake (as you need to consume 75% of your dailyย macros out of fat!) Some of the best keto fat bomb recipes are the easiest ones to prepare. So, really, the name says it all it’s a bomb ofย fat!

You can easily make fat bombs out of anything. Choose a form of fat that you like such as coconut oil, butter or even cream cheese and then decide what flavor you want to give it. Let’s say you want peanut butter flavor – you can melt about 1/4 cup of coconut oil with 1/2 cup of natural peanut butter (so there’s no added sugars). You can even give it a cheesy more smooth (more like cheesecake) consistency by adding a small package of cream cheese (226 grams). Once all melted together, roll them into balls and store in the refrigerator and eat as a quick snack throughout the week. I like them frozen so I put them in the freezer! mmmmmmhhh.

You want more of a cookies and cream taste, or even caramel? You have some good quality protein powder on hand that doesn’t have any added sugars? Try simply mixing it with melted coconut oil and rolling into balls. Maybe roll them in unsweetened coconut flakes before putting them in the refrigerator.

The possibilities are endless!!! Be creative…. take flavors you enjoy and let me know what you decide to try and how it works out. Looking forward to hearing about it! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Healthy snacks to go – here they come!

So, you don’t want to consume sweets and would like to find quick keto snack idea. You’re running out of creativity or feel like you’re eating always the same thing. Or, maybe you’re just overthinking the whole thing as most of us often do, or is that just me!?

The Best way to stay on track is to dedicate a day in the week (I like Sundays) to do your food preparation for the week. Whether your on keto or not, being prepared and feeling organized and ready throughout the week will do all the difference in your success. How about having some hard-boiled eggs cooked for a quick snack on the go throughout the week? Or maybe having some nuts or home made granola (make sure to make it without carbs or a low count of it) in your purse or gym bag for when the hungry strikes? Or maybe you would like it best to have a homemade guacamole all ready to be feasted on with some low carb vegetables? There are more and more awesome recipe books you can get now that will totally excite your taste buds from simple things to combinations you haven’t thought about.ย  Check out this Keto Snack Recipe cookbook if your interested.ย  If not, and you’re running out of idea, just break yourself a piece of dark chocolate or just grab a package of smoked salmon on your way out.

A bulletproof what? Did you say a bulletproof coffee?

Yes I did! Sounds funny, right!? I remember thinking the same thing and wondering what the hell that was about. Well…even though it sounds very complicated, it really isn’t.

keto diet, bulletproof coffee, high fat coffee, low carb, weigh lossI must admit that the most difficult part for me when I first started on the keto diet journey was accepting and understanding why I was adding some fat in my morning coffee. I was in the habit of taking it black and for a couple of weeks when I would throw in a tablespoon of pure butter in my coffee along with a couple of teaspoons of XCT oil (source of medium chain triglycerides) or some coconut oil, I felt nervous, anxious and thought I would have a heart attack (from stressing out, not from drinking it ha-ha). As most people, I was thought that fats were bad for us and that we had to consume them to a minimum. I’ve been on strict dieting in the past in order to get fit for fitness competitions and my mentality on fats was still from the past. I was hesitant a bit thinking that, if this didn’t work out, I would actually be gaining weight. It was a bit scary I gotta admit cause I would have been the one doing it to myself. But, I quickly got over it. I found my bulletproof coffee enjoyable and super frothy – as I would blend it. Delicious! As I didn’t always take it that way, when I would make it, to me it was like a snack or part of my fat content for my breakfast. Needless to say, a lot of people drink coffee in the afternoon and this could be a great option to fuel your energy and make you feel full in the afternoon. Along with the butter/oil, you can add some cinnamon, raw cacao powder, collagen peptides and even a bit of pink salt. Again, it’s all about what you like.

Create something special for your morning routine and share it with me! I’d be happy to hear how you got creative in making your coffee everything it could be!

Snacks while on the run – it’s possible!

No one has it figured out at all times, and I’m definitely in that category. I like to eat/snack often and with my busy life running from gymnastic practice, to being the taxi driver to 3 kids and with the endless orthodontist appointments, I sometimes don’t plan on being out and about for that long of a period sometimes, and, well, a girl as gotta eat.

Desperate times call for desperate measures! You can always stop at a gas station and they often have pepperoni sticks near the cash. Some will have a selection of individual foods to buy by unit (close to where they have pre-made sandwiches) and you can grab a cheese string.

Maybe you want something that will sustain you a bit more so you will reach for a container of cottage cheese (check the carbs. They are sometimes different from one brand to the other). Make sure to account for the amount of carbs you will consume.

Or maybe you’re in the mood for something crispy! Try a bag of pork rinds. They even have flavored ones too! Or grab a small bag of raw almonds or see if they have some varieties of good cuts of hams that are not too processed. I would suggest it as the first option, but then again, this is when you’re running out of options.


As you can see, there’re hundreds of possibles to satisfy your taste buds but more importantly, to succeed on the keto diet. Don’t get taken in by all the options that won’t provide you with the results you’re looking for.

I hope this post made you realize how easy it could be to find solutions while you’re on the run or to create quick easy healthy keto snacks in no time. As for anything in life, you just need to have the will to success!

Be sure to share in the comments below what you’ve paired together or what concoction you’ve put together that ended up being a must on your meal or snack list. Looking forward to reading your comments, and as always, be sure to let me know what kind of information you would like to see next.

Thank you all!

Nat ๐Ÿ™‚

8 thoughts on “Easy keto snack recipe/ ideas – yummy!

  1. Hi Nat,

    Great article. I’ve been very interested in the Keto diet for some time now, but haven’t yet been able to fully commit – my sweet tooth has always been my achillies heel! I love how you target that, as this often isn’t directly discussed with Keto articles and it’s definitely one of the things that a lot of people stumble over.
    I’ll be trying a few of these for sure!

    Do you have any suggestions for Keto “bread” recipes – as this is the next hardest thing to swap out.


    1. Hi Gareth,

      Thanks for your comment. I’m glad you found it useful. I gotta say, that the first step to all of it is for you to decide to go Keto and really commit to it. After that, there are so many options and alternatives but as well, once you really get on it, you will find that your cravings (sweet tooth and wanting carbs) will subsidize dramatically. You just need to give it a real chance. ๐Ÿ™‚
      As it regards to keto bread alternatives, they are so many options there too. From tortilla breads to muffins and cakes. You just need to understand what it is from the recipes that you cannot consume and replace it with keto friendly alternatives. You will want to make sure that you have some almond flour and/or coconut flour on hand. Important to note though that coconut flour is absorbent a lot therefore, make sure to have enough liquids or divide it half and half with the almond flour.
      When I first started Keto, I really enjoyed this recipe here for keto bread, and it was tasty https://www.ketoconnect.net/best-keto-bread/

      Good luck!
      Nathalie ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Thank you for sharing. I’ve been a big fan of keto diet since I first heard and read about this type of special diet. Thank you for this great recipe. I will definitely bookmark your blog for future posts.

  3. Keto yummy foods – not only can they be yummy but they are good for us too. I’m always buying pepperoni sticks and those small keto ball packs at the cash register. Great to see another busy person on Keto and here to help everyone.

    1. Yes! I think it’s important for people to know that there are easy solutions to what might sometimes seem impossible. There’s so many options once you put your mind and creativity to it. Good luck on your journey! ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Honestly I have no idea what a keto or paleo diet is. But these snack ideas are awesome. I do try to eat healthy and always fall short on the mid-meal snack. Thanks for the recipes.

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