How and why does the keto diet work?

Our bodies are used to using carbohydrate (carbs) as a source of energy which raises our blood sugar and insulin levels. By drastically reducing our intake of carbs and replacing it with fats, this encourages our body into a metabolic state called ketosis. You’re probably wondering what that means so let me explain it as simple as I can. When our bodies are restricted from carbs and require energy, the body and brain is smart and it will need to find itself another source of energy and will start turning fat into ketones. When our livers starts producing these molecules, ketones and fat are then the source of energy used by our body. Cool, no!? We turn our fat into an energy source. When our body creates ketones, you’re in ketosis; in a fat burning state. This is why the keto diet is great for weight loss.  I’ve been looking for a video that could explain pretty well what the keto diet is, how it works and why it works and I finally found one that gives you all that information.  For those of yous that prefer to see a video and that are more visual, please see the video here  – they do also offer a custom meal plan, shopping list and so forth with a 60 money back guarantee.  But I find that even if you don’t sign up, the free video and the information they provide is worth it and will make everything about Keto so much clearer 🙂

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