Keto coffee or bulletproof coffee – you put what in your morning delight?

You’ve heard of bulletproof coffee or keto coffee somewhere around you with all the keto diet fuss out there. Mentions of putting heavy cream, butter or even oil in your coffee sounds outrageous when you don’t understand why someone would do that, or even not understand what are the benefits of bulletproof coffee. There are so many variations to suit everyones taste buds but really, do you have to have this version of a coffee in the morning to be successful on the ketogenic diet?

No! you don’t! However, once you get started on the ketogenic diet, you might find it convenient to have this option and you might even find that it becomes a staple part of your morning routine.

Why should I drink bulletproof coffee? What’s the purpose – good question!

If you’re curious about what a bulletproof coffee (or keto coffee) is, you’re probably already aware and understand what the ketogenic diet is. If not, find a good explanation here. As you know, you need to consume 75% of your daily macros in fat which could sometimes be challenging. Having a bulletproof coffee is a great way to consume some of these fats and start your day on the right foot. In addition to fast tracking your fat intake for the day, it provides you with a boost of energy, improved brainpower and depresses your appetite. So, what is the purpose of keto coffee? Simply said, waking up your brain cells to start your day off and be alert while feeling satiated.

What to put in a bulletproof coffee – spice it up!bulletproof coffee

When people question what are the ingredients for a bulletproof coffee, they overthink it! You can throw it together so easily with some butter and MCT oil. Voila! Enjoy! 🙂

But, you can also mix it up. Give it a spin on whatever you find to be delicious.

Find what works for you! Try adding one of these in your coffee

    • Ghee or butter
    • Heavy cream
    • Coconut oil
    • Coconut creambulletproof coffee, keto coffee, healthy oil, high fat, weight loss
    • MCT or XCT oil (preferred option)


You can also add some tasty spices which have health benefits as well such as

  • Cinnamon (antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and lowers blood sugar)
  • Tumeric(antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, helps with depression)
  • Cocoa powder (rich in polyphenols – improves blood flow and function, flavanol – improves symptoms of diabetes and cancer protective properties)
  • Pink Himalayan salt ( provides you some sodium and trace minerals )
  • I myself had some collagen peptides (provides some protein and it’s good for the skin, nails and hair! )

You might be reading this because you’re wondering how to make homemade bulletproof coffee, I hope this answers your question! Throw in whatever you want with your coffee in a blender and enjoy!

Can you sweeten bulletproof coffee? do you need to follow specific recipes for keto coffee?

I’m going to guess that by reading the above, you already know the answer, right? As you can’t consume sugar on the ketogenic diet, sweetening your coffee could be a little bit tricky, but not impossible. Simply put a few drops of liquid stevia and you’ve got sweetness. If you have some granular stevia, that’s good too, or monk fruit. You might also find that adding cinamon and coconut cream might give it that little push that you need. Now, the big question of when can I drink bulletproof coffee? ANYTIME of the day! I loveeee coffee and usually have more than 1 cup a day. I do however only have 1 bulletproof coffee a day, in the morning. If I didn’t have it in the morning, I sometimes would have it as an afternoon snack to hold me until dinner.

Again, there’s no rules or specific recipe to follow. Try different variations and see what you enjoy and what works for you! However, make sure to share with me what it is you put in your bulletproof coffee. Any ingredients I didn’t mention above that you feel are the ultimate bomb? Please, please, please! Share your goodie recipe 🙂

What are the benefits of keto coffee?

Other than having a wonderful cup of hot coffee to sip on on your drive to work (well, that’s where I have it! I have an hour commute. Ridiculous, I know!)  Ok, enough about me, this is about what is the benefit of bulletproof coffee * focus Nathalie, focus*

I was saying, the benefits of bulletproof coffee is the burst of energy that it provides you. Since it’s essentially blended with high fat ingredients, you are not only benefiting from the caffeine in the coffee but also the amazing energy from the XCT or MCT oil. These speed up your metabolic rate, reduce inflammation in your gut, immune system and your whole body. It’s a great ingredient as well to help beat the Keto flu. These oils are also the fastest absorbed oil.

Another reason to have a bulletproof coffee is that it will eat make you feel full longer. Bonus! you get to be on a roll once your get to work and don’t simply have food on your mind. As well, you also know that you’re on the right track to meeting you fat intake of the day.

Now, if I tell you that bulletproof coffee can also help improve your strenght, mood and general feeling of well being due to the increased level of testosterone, would you really need any other reasons then that? 🙂
bulletproof coffee

Now, can you find a reason why you wouldn’t want a cup of fatty coffee?

I think that bulletproof coffee, keto coffee, fatty coffee, butter coffee or oil coffee, whatever you want to call it, is an excellent addition to the ketogenic diet. If you’re a coffee drinker and are already going to have a cup of coffee, why not have it also contribute to your weight loss success. If you’re not a coffee drinker, you can also switch up your favorite tea (green tea, matcha, chai, etc..) with the above beneficial ingredients.

IMPORTANT NOTE: It is important to note that you should slowly increase your amount of oil being used as it could cause your digestive track to feel overwhelmed so to speak, specially if you’re not used to consuming healthy fats.

8 thoughts on “Keto coffee or bulletproof coffee – you put what in your morning delight?

  1. Hi Nathalie,

    Very informative and engaging article.

    I am a coffee drinker and my day does start without a sip of coffee. A cup or two of coffee can tied me over until lunchtime (skipping breakfast) and helps me a lot in maintaining my weight. Converting that into a bulletproof coffee can definitely further help.

  2. Wow – thank you for this information – justification for heavy cream in my coffee in the morning!! Not only is this a wonderful amount of information it also confirms I love the concept of Keto Diet!

  3. I’ve never heard of bulletproof coffee, but I do know what the keto diet is all about. Thanks to your article I have now learned something new, and you explain it thouroughly and it easy to read. Got some recipe tips as well to vary the taste of it all. Great article!

  4. I am a coffee drinker and almost drink it everyday, but I’ve never heard about bulletproof coffee. I have now learned something new from you! Thanks for sharing and I really enjoy the content.

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